Tiki's and Beach Art is at the heart of this blessed soul.

-In carving Memory of Wayne Coombs and Chester Abeln-

TwoPalmDesigns dba NuiTiki


​​TwoPalmDesigns dba NuiTiki, CocoaBeach FL

My art all starts with a beach inspired idea.

I create, develop, and make one of a kind pieces. Each one is unique in its own way.


My art is available at Green Gloves Garden Center in Cocoa Beach, Fl so my time is freed up to carve new ideas.

My inventory is limited. At this point of time I work Home Depot full-time and create in the afternoon.

You can reach me at (321) 626-3168 after 2pm or visit Green Glove Garden Center

located at

160 S. Orlando Ave. Cocoa Beach, FL

Keep in mind... I am a LLC and pay taxes.

I won't copy a trademark without permission.

​Any question please call.

Thanks for visiting,